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The next PFA Board Meeting is scheduled Monday, March 23, 2015 at 10:00 am. , Virgin Islands Public Finance Authority Office, No. 32– 33 Kongens Gade, Government Hill, St. Thomas.

Requests for Proposals available through the Office of Economic Opportunity

To promote and sustain economic and social development in the U.S. Virgin Islands The U.S. Virgin Islands Public Finance Authority (PFA) was created in 1988 by the U.S. Virgin Islands Legislature. The PFA is a public corporation and autonomous government instrumentality for the purposes of aiding the Government in the performance of its fiscal duties and in effectively carrying out its governmental responsibility of raising capital for essential public projects. The PFA is also empowered to borrow money and issue bonds to encourage private enterprise investments that maximize employment opportunities and better the lives of all Virgin Islanders.

VIPFA Purpose and Powers

Under its enabling legislation, the Authority is vested with, but not limited to, the following powers: (i) to have perpetual existence as a corporation, (ii) to borrow money and issue bonds, (iii) to lend the proceeds of its bonds or other money to the Government or any agency, authority or instrumentality thereof or private enterprise in the Virgin Islands subject to the approval of the Legislature, (iv) to establish one or more revolving loan funds with the proceeds of bonds issued by the Authority or issued by the Government or any agency, authority or instrumentality thereof, (v) to encourage economic development through the issuance of special obligations issued to finance a project for the benefit of private parties which special obligations are payable out of revenue generated by the involved project and are payable to the Authority by said private party, (vi) to invest its funds and to arrange for the investment of the funds of the Government or any agency, authority or instrumentality thereof, (vii) to enter into contracts and agreements with the government of the United States, the Government and any agency, authority or political subdivision thereof, (viii) to make, modify and repeal by-laws, rules and regulations, (ix) to acquire, sell, lease, mortgage, pledge, dispose of or encumber property or interests therein and (x) to sue and be sued.